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Education and Formation : Basis of Development

  • AGMM Association Gasy Miara Mandroso

    Regulations and Project for Developing Madagascar

    Partners of the AGMM

    • The Institute of Research in High Energy Physics (iHEPMAD) of the University of Antananarivo.
    • The Malagasy Association for the Promotion of Science (AMPS).
    • The Network of Associations for the Support of Development (RASADE)

    Polularisation of High Energy Physics

    HEPMAD 01 Antananarivo: Rakotomahanina (Ex-president of university), John Ellis (CERN), S. Narison, P. Rakotobe (President of university), Raoelina Andriambololona (Director of the INSTN), J. Sydson (Ministry of higher education).

    The polularisation of High Energy Physics has started in 2001 by the creation of the Series of High Energy Physics Conferences (HEPMAD) at the university of Antananarivo. This Series of Conferences has stimulated the creation of the institute of research in High Energy Physics (iHEPMAD) en 2004. This institute formes doctorants for doing research in Theoretical and Experimental Physics. These students participate regularly at the CERN (Geneva) and Trieste (Italia) summer schools and more recently at the 1st african schollof physics (South Africa). Some of these students remain abroad for preparing their PhD thesis.

    Since february 2010, we have extended this initiative for letting known High Energy Physics to the secondary schools (level of the two last years of formation) and to the big public institutions. The titles of these conferences are :

    • At Dawn of New Physics for the XXI century.
    • Universe and Particles: new physics for the XXI century.

    A "slides" version of these presentations can be downloaded here.
    Some other informations and links related to the subject can be found in this PDF file.

    This conference is accessible to any public without any special technical and scientific knowledge :

    • Public conferences :
      • Cultural Centers.
      • Churchs.

    • Higher Education :
      • Ecole Normale Supérieure.
      • Private universities .
      • Public universities.

    • Secondary Education:
      • Private and public High-schools.
      • Private and public Colleges.

    We plan to do this Series of Conferences in different big cities of the Regions of Madagascar

    During February and March 2010, this Series of Conferences took place in :

    • Antananarivo : February - March 2010
    • No photos from the high-schools of Nanisana and french of Ambatobe.

    • Antsirabe : March 2010
    This project has been pursued in October and November 2010 in :

    • Tamatave (Toamasina) : October 2010
    • Moramanga : October 2010 at Alliance Francaise (no photos: camera stollen.)
    • Tuléar : November 2010

    The popularisation of particle physics has been pursued in the town of Majunga on March 2011:

    • Majunga : March 2011
    • No photo has been taken during the conference at Alliance Francaise.

    The vulgarization (democratisation) of Particle Physics or High-Energy Physics has been pursued in Antsirabe and in the Region of Fianarantsoa in February 2012. The first results from LHC of CERN-Geneva on the discovery of the Higgs Boson so-called Particle of God have been also presented at these conferences :

    • Antsirabe : Février 2012

    • Région de Fianarantsoa : Février 2012

      This Series of conferences has permitted to show the important role of fundamental research in physics in :

      • The progress of human knowledge for understanding the origin of the universe, the constituents of matter and the forces which govern nature.
      • The progress of the human socio-économical life from the indirect technological implications of these specialized fundamental researches.

      It has also permitted to show to the students the usfulness of the lectures which they learn at school. This fact will better motivate them to learn more science (see the example of the site of the french college in Tulear, column Conference of Particle Physiqcs written by the students in the audience).

      For example:

      • Electricity has been obtained because Maxwell has understood the lectromagnetic waves while Planck and Einstein the quantification of the photon energy.
      • Television and the accelerators of particles (a big TV) have been conceived because one has understood the mecanism of electron gun and the deviation of their trajectories by magnets.
      • The web Internet pages have been discovered because CERN-Geneva physicists have been obliged to communicate experimental results at real time to collaborators leaving at the four corners of the planet.
      • ...

      The utility of these researches for the socio-economical leaving in Madagascar has been also underlined :

      • Uses of scanner for containers invented by Prof. Georges Charpak (Nobel price in physics 1992) in the harbour of Toamasina,...
      • Sending of students and PhD students of the institute iHEPMAD for following training and specialised schools abroad (CERN-Geneva, ICTP-Trieste,Germany, England, South Africa, United States,...).

        These missions of marathon have been supported by the ICTP of Trieste of the IN2P3-CNRS of Montpellier which I wish to acknowledge. I have also appreciated the participation of the members of the iHEP-MAD in the organisation of this Series of Popularising Conferences.

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