Stephan Narison

Laboratoire Univers et Particules
Université de Montpellier 2
Place Eugène Bataillon
34095 Montpellier Cedex 05 (FR)
Email :
Professional Tel & Fax : (33-4) 67 14 35 68
Personal Tel & Fax : (33-4) 67 66 05 15

Civil status
Birth in 1951 at Antsakabary (Majunga-Madagascar)
2 children : Larry and Rindra
Malagasy and French citizens

Degrees and Professionnal Positions
1962-1969: Secondary school at the Lycee Gallieni of Antananarivo (Madagascar)
1970-1973: Master degrees at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar)
1974-1976: Docteur 3eme cycle in High-Energy Theoretical Physics (Marseille-FR)
1977-1980: Docteur d'état in High-Energy Theoretical Physics (Marseille-FR)
1978-1980: Post-Doc at ICTP-Trieste (IT)
1981: Invited researcher at LAPP (Annecy-France)
1981-1982: Fellow at CERN-Geneva (CH)
1984-1988: Charge de Recherche-CNRS (Montpellier-France)
1989: Directeur de Recherche-CNRS (Montpellier-France)
1984-1990: Associate Researcher at ICTP-Trieste & CERN-Geneva
1990-1991: Von-Humboldt Senior Fellow and DFG Associate Professor (Heidelberg-D)
2000: Associate Professor at KEK (Tsukuba-Japan)
2001: Associate Professor at the Hinschu and Taipei Universities (Taiwan)

Mobilities & Short Terms Invited Positions
1986 July: LBL Institute, Berkeley, San Francisco (USA)
1986 August: SLAC Institute, Stanford, California (USA)
1986 June to October 1991: several visits at the universities of autonoma & diagonal, Barcelona (Spain)
1988 September: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New-York (USA)
1991 May & November: Institute of Nuclear Research, Moscow (Russia)
1993 August & 1995 June & November: Institute of Theoretical Physics, Vienna (Austria)
1995 January: University of Cracow (Poland)
1996 July: University of Varsaw (Poland)
1998 September-November: University of Michigan (USA)
2000 December: Theoretical Physics Center KIAS, Seoul (South Corea)
2003 September-October: Max-Planck Institute, Munich (Germany)
2001-2009: 2 months/year at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar)
2009-2011: 2x2 months/year at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar) as an ICTP-Trieste consultant
2010 December: Institute of Physics, Univ. of Pekin and Academy of Sciences, iHEP-Beijing (China)
2011 February: Institute of Physics, Univ. Sao Paulo (Brasil)
2011 October: Institute of Physics, Univ. Shangai (China)

PhD students
1985-89: J.L. Kneur et S. Larbi (Montpellier Univ.): Tests of physics beyond the Standard Model in new generations of accelerators (LEP, HERA, LHC).
Collaborator: P. Chiappetta (Marseille)
1989-92: M. Chabab (Montpellier Univ.): Properties of heavy baryons from QCD spectral sum rules (QSSR)
Collaborators: E. Bagan (Barcelone), H.G. Dosch (Heidelberg), J.M. Richard (Grenoble)
2006: Cotutelle thesis of R. Mattheus (Sao Paulo Univ.) : Pentaquarks and four-quarks states from QSSR
Collaborators: M. Nielsen (Sao Paulo), J.M. Richard (Grenoble).
2011-12: Cotutelle thesis of Z-k. Guo (IHEP-Beijing) : Charmonium decays
Collaborators: J.M. Richard (Grenoble), Q. Zhao (IHEP-Beijing).
2011-12: Cotutelle thesis of R. Albuquerque (Sao Paulo Univ.) : Heavy exotic mesons and baryons from QSSR
Collaborators: J.M. Richard (Grenoble), M. Nielsen & F. Navarra (Sao Paulo).
2011-2013: Cotutelle thesis of F. Fanomezana & A. Rabemananjara (iHEP-MAD Antananarivo): Heavy four-quark and molecules from QSSR
Collaborator: R. Albuquerque (Sao Paulo).

Contributions to Society
1985: Fonder of the Series of International Conferences in Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD-Montpellier)
1990: Fonder of the Association Culturelle Malgache of Montpellier (ACMM)
2001: Fonder of the Series of International Conferences in High-Energy Physics (HEP-Madagascar)
2002: Fonder of the Research Institute in High-Energy Physics (iHEP-MAD)
2003: Coordinator of the cooperation between the universities of Montpellier & Madagascar
2010: Fonder of the Association Gasy Miara-Mandroso (AGMM) for developing education in Madagascar

Appartenance & Honours
1982: Member of the French & European Physical Society
1992: Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS-Washington)
1995: Member of the New-York Academy of Sciences
1996: Member Correspondant of the Malagasy Academy of Sciences
1997: Distinguished Leadership award from the American Biographical Institute (ABI-Raleigh, North Carolina)
1998: 2000 Outstanding Man of the 20th Century for Contribution to Science by ABI-Raleigh (USA) and BI-Cambridge (GB)
2006: Commandeur de l'Ordre National Malgache
2012: Grand Officier de l'Ordre National Malgache
2012: Associated Member of the Malagasy Academy of Sciences

Speciality and Fields of Research: High-Energy and Particle Physics
Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD): theory of strong interactions
Nonperturbative method of QCD spectral sum rules,...
Physics of hadrons: light and heavy quarks, chiral symmetry, decays and form factors
Hadronic decays of the tau-lepton
High-precision tests in Quantum ElectroDynamics (QED)

The photo shows your servitor with the russian QCD spectral sum rule inventors:
(from left to right) Arkady Vainshtein, Valya Zakharov and Mikael Shifman