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La détection des Wimps et ses implications dans la recherche de la matière noire

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Séminaire interne du LUPM donné par Stefano Magni, doctorant dans l’équipe IFAC, jeudi 16 mai à 14 h dans la salle Andromède. Le séminaire sera donné en anglais.

"I will first introduce the dark matter problem, with particular attention to the facts which indicate the existence of dark matter. I will present some of the main candidates which could solve this problem, focusing on weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs). Then I will present the basic principles of the direct detection of WIMPs, explaining how it works, which information (and how) we can extract from this kind of experiments. I will focus on how the experiments can constrain the physical parameters, and on the annual modulation of the signal. Finally I will summarize the present experimental results and outline some futures developments."